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Bright Ideas Consulting, "Your Connection to Contacts and Contracts."

Malibu Casa Mansion event Saturday, June 7th.  download Flyer here Adobe PDF



Paris Walker III


At one time Walker was dubbed the black Ralph Lauren and Hilfiger in the hood, according to major daily newspapers.


Multicultural Preppy - Champ Walker designer and apparel executive profileThe biggest, for us by us in the nation View

We're All Preppies Now

Ralph (Lifshitz) Lauren - A Jewish man sells the "Good Life" of WASPS


Click image to read article

We Don't Play Polo

A twist: Urban or Multicultural prep.


R.A.Y. - Re-Dressing America's Youth

Click image to view presentation


R.A.Y. - Re-Dressing America's Youth Microsoft Power Point Presentation


Paris Walker III Origins

Click image to read about clothing


West African Andrinkra symbol Denkyem called "Denykem" (crocodile)


Paris Walker III Collection


P.W. III Collection images

P.W. III Collection Hangtags

P.W. III Drawing/Illustrations

Debuts 2008


Champ's New Book - Prep 101

Click image to read book intro

Prep 101 Introduction View


The Case of former Sen. Charles W. Walker


Charles "Champ" Walker speaks about the political prosecution and imprisonment National Press Club in Washington DC.

Only on 12: Walker denies lawyer's claim, requests hearing

The Justice Department Raises a Rebel Yell: The Strange Prosecution of Charles Walker

Harper's Magazine

Letter from Nathan Dershowitz on Sen. Walker

Letter from Nathan Dershowitz on Sen. Walker

Conyers to Rove: Testimony is Necessary 14 MAY 08

Rove Response to Committee Request

Committee Member's Letter to Luskin

Conyers Demands Karl Rove Testimony 17 APR 08

Selective Prosecution: Majority Staff Report and Additional Letters  17 APR 08

Major Forum About Justice Departmentís Misconduct

Majority Staff Report on Allegations of Selective Prosecution and Additional Documents

Letter to Justice Department OIG/OPR

Letter to Karl Rove

Letter to AG Mukasey

Adobe Reader required to view above letter; get your free version here:


Help former Sen. Walker NOW by clicking here


Click HELP link above to send email to members of the US House, major news agencies, reporters and talk show hosts asking why aren't they giving former Sen. Charles Walker's case any attention.

Also ask how can a person of color get a fair trial in South Georgia when he was responsible for changing the Confederate flag.


Politics and Community Activism


About Champ Walker




Champ and Sen. Obama met while attending a fundraiser for Champ's 2002 Congressional bid

Champ with Sen. Obama View


Champ and Chris Tucker at the Trumpet Awards



Van JonesView (White House Special Jobs Advisor) and Champ Walker (GEDI)

View Green Collar Jobs OverviewView


Obama Urges Race Healing


Get to Know President Barack Obama Windows Media Player

                 The Laying on of Hands 




Charles "Champ" Walker speaks about political prosecutions and imprisonments during event at The National Press Club in Washington DC.

Charles "Champ" Walker speaks about the political prosecution and imprisonment National Press Club in Washington DC from Velvet Revolution on Vimeo.


Austin attacks SCLC


What would YOU like to know? Click here to enter your question(s).   EST:


Listen to a discussion between Metro Spirit Editor Tom Grant and Champ Walker about the future of Flash Gordon and the Augusta-Richmond County Coliseum Authority.

Live on WKZK 1600 AM at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 2. Or catch the replay on podcast at metrospirit.com





James Brown Music Festival Controversy


Keep Brown's legacy alive


To the editor: by Peter Knox


James Brown Fest May Drop James Brown [02/05/04, AP]



Listen to The Godfather of Soul speaking about the James Brown Music Festival and its impact on Augusta, GA: Windows Media Player


 Copyrighted Photo - Use only by written permission


  Read Champ's Response to Grady Abrams ________________________________________________


Champ introduces Jesse Jackson during conference with Georgia prominent clergy leaders

Champ's intro of Rev. Jackson



Champ and family presenting Dr. Frederick K.C. Price the Heritage Crest Visionary of Unity Award at the Crenshaw Christian Center, Los Angeles, CA

Champ with Drs. Fred & Betty Price


Coming soon... Unity Week!


Civil rights organizations, members of Augusta media, and organizations dedicated to promoting Racial unity will host a series of forums and informative sessions on how can Augusta come together on common ground.

All talk show personalities and leaders are asked to refrain from any negative talk and  division; instead, promote unity and discuss solutions to solve The "We Feel Good!"View City's racial divide and image problem.








Dr. H. Kelly & Chastity McKnight Senior Pastor, CEO

Pastor Kelly receives the Heritage Unity Award




Civil Rights

___________________A Symbol of CommUnity

Heritage Crest - First African American Crest

Champ & Larry Blackmon of Cameo

Wren & Champ

Champ with Tom Joyner with presentation of the Heritage Crest




The Heritage Crest Foundation

Heritage Crest Foundation



Heritage Crest Store


Order the  Heritage Crest First African American Commemorative Check Series and Posters - The Heritage Crest Foundation

Heritage Crest First African American Commemorative Checks


SCLC billboard (2008)

Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and sharing the Heritage Crest through Black History



About We Feel Good


Augusta-Richmond County has a new tagline called, "We Feel Good!"  The Augusta-Richmond County Commission unanimously approved the new tagline proposed by Champ Walker on JULY 26, 2005. Read minutes here.View Adobe PDF

Read more news about Augusta's new tag line here

We Feel Good Logo




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